Anyone interested in a solar hot tub is probably also interested in energy rebates, energy tax credits, and solar power incentives.Can you get an energy rebate for outfitting your hot tub for solar power?

You will have to go to your individual states for that information as there is no national rebate program that would qualify. Usually, if you want some sort of solar rebate on the national level like a tax credit for instance, you it would only appy to putting solar panels on your roof.

You can outfit your roof with solar panels and you might be able to get a solar power rebate for that, but you should know that solar pannels are very expensive. That, combined with the fact that unless you live in a southern state with lots of sun, you might not save very much in electricity after all. This is the problem with solar panels: they are still very expensive and in most cases don't save enough in electricity to make them worthwhile.

If Obama can get the energy savings programs off the ground maybe the costs of solar panels will go down. These solar panels need to drop drastically in price before the common person can justify their expense. Even with different state and local energy rebates along with any other solar rebates, tax credits, and incentives, the savings is just not great enough.

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