Are you trying to figure out where to buy solar panels to power up your hot tub? Solar panels are generally expensive and for that reason some people try to make them by themselves. Unless you know what you are doing though, it is very difficult to make one that actually works.

If you want to equip your hot tub or jacuzzi with solar panels, your first step should be to go to your hot tub dealer. Now they won't be able to sell you the solar panels theselves but they might be able to advise you of how you should go about doing it and what kind you should get.

You will not have been the first one to try to make solar hot tubs and your dealer or store should know what you are up against and be able to advise you to a course of action. It might be possible for you to do it or the kind of hot tub you have might prevent it from working. Only they will know that so you should aske them first.

Solar panels are not available in too many stores and so you may have to buy them online at a place like Amazon here - Solar Panels Solar blankets and other things for your hot tubs will also be available there.